Asian Glass Noodle Salad

100g of glass noodles 
75g of edamame beans 
1 red onion 
1 carrot  
75g of peashoots 
75g of firm tofu 
25g of toasted peanuts 
2tbsp of fish sauce 
2tbsp of sesame oil 
2 tbsp of fresh lime juice 
1 red chilli 
2tbsp of finely sliced mint 
1 tbsp of cane sugar 



1. Boil or steam edamame beans till cooked but crunchy and instantly place in ice water before draining to stop the cooking process. 
2. Cut tofu into cubes and fry in groundnut oil till light golden brown. 
3. Place the glass noodles in room temprature water for 15 minutes till soft, drain and put in a bowl.  
4. Add in the edamame, a thinly sliced red onion, a thinly sliced carrot, peashoots, tofu and peanuts to the noodles. Mix together. 
5. For the dressing mix all the ingredients together and pour onto the salad. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes before serving.