My love affair with food


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Every day, every season and every occasion in my life would be incomplete without flavourful treats. Whether it was the smell of freshly brewed coffee from a small kiosk on a cold grey train station platform, the titillating textures of a visual masterpiece created by the chef at a high-end restaurant, or the mind blowing and deliciously painful heat of the spiciest samosa from a street hawker in Hyderabad, India; my most addictive and nostalgic memories are that of food.

My love affair with food

This is the story of my love affair with food and we hope we can help you create your own.

My love affair with food

Each recipe is based on creating a balance of the five flavour profiles: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.

Our Aim

Every season brings with it a treasure of fresh produce and these seasonal ingredients are packed with the maximum natural flavour at that particular time of year. Flavour Souk aim is to provide delicious recipes from all over the world especially those from Pakistan-India. Our aim is to teach our readers all kinds of dishes, from the simplest to the more technical ones.

Flavour Souk

The Influence of Pakistani-Indian Cuisine on the Story Behind Flavour Souk

I have been cooking for 13 years. I understand a young palate and food trends but also classic flavours. I was born and grew up in Lahore, Pakistan. If there is one quality the city of Lahore is famous for, it is its food. Hence, I was exposed to a vast and strong variety of spicy flavours from my early childhood. I moved to England and read Law at a university in the heart of London. The experience exposed me to a melting pot of cultures and their cuisines, only to further enhance my passion for the culinary arts.



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